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iPad For Artists: How to make great art with the digital tablet is a book all about drawing and painting on the iPad.

Published by Ilex Press, January 2013



Check out ipadforartists.com for stylus reviews, tips, and more info about the book!

From the publisher:

“The iPad grants all artists the freedom to draw and paint digitally wherever and whenever they choose, and simple but sophisticated art apps make it an incredibly practical tool in the artist’s armory.

iPad for Artists introduces readers to the fun creative opportunities of making art with an iPad. With practical illustrated tutorials professional artist Dani Jones introduces the leading art apps, and shows how everyone can make the most of their iPad and develop their individual artistic style.

Whatever you are interested in from painting landscapes, portraits or still-life to inking comics, creating children’s illustrations or designing posters iPad for Artists sets out the key tools and techniques to get you up and running.”

iPad For Artists includes:

  • Lots of tutorials!

  • Many styles of art, including children’s illustration, landscape painting, still lifes, comic art, and sketching.

  • A review of my favorite styluses.

  • A list of my favorite apps and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

  • Articles and interviews with guests artists of a variety of backgrounds and interests.

  • A gallery of iPad art featuring many different artists.



Free iPad art demos and articles:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iPad For Artists?

iPad For Artists is an instructional book about drawing on the iPad. It provides a general overview of my favorite art apps, and some tutorials that show you what is possible with them. I recommend my favorite styluses. There is a variety of artwork by me and several other artists in lots of different styles. The goal of this book is to show artists how to get started on the iPad, and show them that it is really capable of creating great artwork.

What is iPad For Artists NOT?

iPad For Artists does not delve into detail into any one specific app. Every art app you come across will have a variety of features and tools that can take up a whole book in and of themselves. Rather than trying to be an all-encompassing instructional guide to every art app available, my goal for the book was to show you a few of my techniques and encourage you to explore even more.

This book is also not an art lesson. I’m assuming the reader already knows how to draw and paint and has some skill already. The purpose of the book is not to teach art, but to take the reader’s existing skills and apply them to the iPad.

Will iPad For Artists be available in digital formats (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.)?

I have no control over what marketplaces the book is distributed in. I encourage you to contact the publisher, Ilex Press, and let them know there is a demand for digital formats. I will update the website if/when I receive more information.

Is iPad For Artists strictly for people good at drawing?

Certainly not! The book is designed to help ANYONE who has an interest in using their iPad for visual art. There are tips about apps, accessories, and technique, which any person can use. I do cover advanced techniques and portfolio presentation for pros, but they are only a fraction of the book’s content.

That being said, I by no means think the iPad or this book will magically make your art better. You still need to know how to draw and paint to make good images on the iPad. The tablet is just a tool. The book does not contain “how to draw” or “how to paint” tutorials, but rather explains ways you can take your current skills and transfer them for use on an iPad. You will still need to learn the basics elsewhere!

Can you tell me some tips about drawing on the iPad? Stylus recommendations? App reviews?

Of course, with the release of the book, I am receiving more questions about iPad tips and how-tos. You can browse through my FAQ and blog archive to see what I have answered already. I am also posting iPad specific questions on the website ipadforartists.com. Send in your questions, and I’ll add them!

(You can also… ahem… buy the book! *wink wink*)