Little Women by Dani Jones

Little Women

Comic adaptation of the classic novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

My Sister the Freak Volume 2 by Dani Jones

My Sister the Freak

A story about two sisters battling family, school, life, and alien invaders. Read the full comic at

Frosty the Gourdman by Dani Jones

Frosty the Gourdman

A spooky tale about a monster that magically comes to life on Halloween night. Read the full comic at


Under the Surface

A series of observations, wise words, and silly doodles. Read

Hourly Comic Day by Dani Jones

Hourly Comic Day

What I do every February 1. Read

Pride by Dani Jones


A little comic for Pride Month. Read

Seasons by Dani Jones


A message of hope. Read

Dear Adelaide cover by Dani Jones

Dear Adelaide

A little letter to my niece. Read

Sally minicomic cover by Dani Jones


A short comic about my cat, life, and career. But mostly my cat. Read

Zombie Bunny minicomic by Dani Jones

Zombie Bunny

A short comic about a bunny that just wants to fit in. Read

The Adventures of Captain Bacon by Dani Jones

The Adventures of Captain Bacon

A short comic about a space cat and his sidekick. Read